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今天收到官方Market Samurai优惠链接邮件,之前Rank Tracker模块在4月30日之前激活,可享受免费查询50个关键词的优惠延期了,最新消息是在太平洋时间8月3日前激活,仍可以享受50个关键词的免费,如果不在这个日期前激活,那么只有 10个关键词的免费了。

换一种说法就是如果你现在购买Market Samurai 并激活Rank Tracker模块,同样可以享受此优惠哦

Market Samurai 官方原文如下:

As an owner of Market Samurai you’re serious about SEO. You understand that for you to improve your rankings, you first need to TRACK them.

As you may know, a few months ago, Google made a major change that heavily affected the Rank Tracker module in Market Samurai. As a result it’s been necessary to rebuild Rank Tracker from the ground up…

…And today we have some GREAT news: We’re really excited to unveil your New Rank Tracker System to you…

Click Here to read this blog post for more details:

Here are just 3 of the great new features in Rank Tracker…

  • Automatic weekly updates: No longer do you have to tediously click update buttons manually each time you want to review your rankings
  • Email notifications: We’ll tell you as soon as your new ranking data is ready so you don’t have to remember to check it yourself
  • A simpler interface: Makes analyzing your rankings a breeze

Here’s what you need to do right now…

  • Over 92% of our customers use Rank Tracker to track 50 keywords or less. If that’s you – we have great news! You’ll be able to track ALL these keywords on autopilot for FREE, using our complimentary “White Belt Plan”. To find out how to claim your FREE plan today Click Here.
  • If you need to track more than 50 keywords then we’ve got GREAT news for you as well! For a limited time, you’ll get access to a range of affordable Rank Tracking plans – that we’re making available to you at vastly discounted “wholesale” prices.
    In fact, our plans are literally a QUARTER of the price of our competitors. To find out how to lock in your LIFETIME access to our 50% Half-Price Discount Wholesale plans Click Here.
  • If you’ve never used Rank Tracker before, find out why tracking your rankings is now more important than ever – especially in the wake of Google’s latest “Penguin” update.
    Discover how to activate your Rank Tracker module to lock in your FREE 50 keyword plan – along with LIFETIME access to our 50% discounted plans should you ever need them in the future.

Why you need to read this blog post today…

The FREE 50 Keyword White Belt plan is an exclusive offer for existing Market Samurai customers ONLY, and will expire at MIDNIGHT (Pacific Standard Time) FRIDAY 3rd AUGUST. After this date our FREE White Belt plan will be reduced to 10 keywords.

When you activate your FREE 50 keyword plan before Midnight (PST) Friday 3rd August you also lock in your LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all our higher keyword plans, which means, if you ever need to move to a higher plan in the future, you will always be able to take advantage of these drastically discounted plans.

However, once again, this 50% half-price discount is exclusive to Market Samurai customers ONLY, and will expire at Midnight (PST) Friday 3rd August.

So to lock in access to your 50 keyword FREE plan or to take advantage of our special launch prices, make sure you read the blog post today:

Click here to read this blog post Now

Talk soon,

P.S. To get access to your FREE 50 keyword plan and lock in your lifetime access to your 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword plans, you need to take action before MIDNIGHT (Pacific Standard Time) FRIDAY 3rd AUGUST. For more details Click Here


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如果你现在就想购买Market Samurai 的话,可以看一下SiteFans的Market Samurai优惠返佣计划,已经成功返佣3人,共计$75,还有2人待返中!

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